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What is it that separates a good gambler from a poor one? Why do some people seem to go from one winning streak to the next, while others struggle? Part of the answer is down to luck, but luck evens out eventually. The advantage an experienced gambler has over a novice is that they have learnt (often through long and expensive experience) how to make the most of whatever luck they do get. I've collected here a few do's and don'ts that I've picked up over the years. They all apply just as much in online casinos as they do in regular casinos, so don't leave your common sense behind when you go online!


Run your wins, short your losses

What this means simply is that when you're winning, you should keep playing until you stop winning, and when you're losing, you should stop or change to another game almoat immediately. This sounds obvious, but it is one of the most common mistakes of inexperienced gamblers to bet more vigourously when on a losing streak, in a misguided attempt to recover their losses. The opposite, and almost as bad, mistake is to cut short play when on a winning streak. By doing this, wins are never as big as what they could be. So remember: if you're winning, keep at it, if not, change games!


Set limits and keep to them
Common sense really, but if you do this you'll never lose more than you planned.


Take frequent breaks, don't play when tired
If you're tired, you won't be concentrating properly and therefore won't be playing your best. Given that online casinos are always available whenever you'd like to play, it's best to choose a time when you're in top form.


Understand the basics of a game before you play
The better you know the games, the more you'll win, simple as that. Don't just leave it at learning the rules either, it's always educational to learn about various strategies and systems, even if you decide never to use them yourself.


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