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I found the best reason to play at this casino were the excellent poker rooms. The tables are full of other real on-line players just like yourself, which makes for some very interesting play. You can even chat to the other players, which really adds to the spirit of the game. I've met many kinds of people from all over the worid in this casino, including car salesmen, doctors, retired judges, housewives and even a couple of professional gamblers (or so they claimed...). However, while the chat feature adds a lot to the fun and natural experience of playing, it's important not to become distracted by it and lose focus on the game itself. A wise card player will take note of the attitude of other players in conversation, and how it varies with the strength or weakness of their hand. Many inexpereinced players reveal a lot more than they should through careless chit-chat - make sure this doesn't happen to you!

Sign Up Bonus : $200
My Rating: Lucky
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My Advice:
Try the multi-player poker, it's great fun just as long as you don't let your mouth run away with you...



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