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This indeed a very elegant casino, with smooth, attractive graphics and plenty of pictures of beautiful, `elegant' women. Of course they have all the usual games. On the occasions I've played at this casino, I've had most luck shooting craps, although I've sometimes come out on top from Blackjack here too. In this casino, I've found a hit-and-run strategy to be the most effective. In most of my playing sessions here, I've been able to rack up a decent run of wins quite rapidly, but I find if I continue to play for too long, my luck never holds. So, I use the technique of setting a goal for the session (I usually choose $1000, unless I'm feeling particularly lucky, in which case I might aim as high as $3000), and quitting for the day as soon as I reach that goal.


Sign Up Bonus : $500
My Rating: Lucky
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My Advice:
Play hit-and-run style on craps and blackjack!



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